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Post unlimited jobs while enhancing your employer brand.

Jobbinghood is offering unlimited job posting for businesses with serious hiring needs with an employer branding twist

Houston, September 15, 2021 — Jobbinghood, the world’s first multimedia job network, is offering employers around the world the possibility to post unlimited jobs for a full year with a one time low affordable payment.

Now that businesses are back to normal and facing the problem of not finding enough candidates to fill available positions, Jobbinghood wants to offer companies small and large who have many positions available, who have a need to post very frequently or who want to post the same job in many different cities, the opportunity to do so by taking advantage of this special offer which combines flexibility and affordability while enhancing your employer brand through jobbinghood’s employer branding tools.

Why would you prefer to post jobs on Jobbinghood over other job sites?

1. Because your ads have a much greater chance of showing up in our search results than in other larger job sites. Larger job sites are nothing more than job aggregation search engines. In other words, what they do is gather jobs from all over the web and show them to the users. Jobbinghood on the other hand, shows first the job ads of our subscribed employers and additionally we send your job ads to all other partner job aggregation networks anyways, including Google Jobs, Jooble, Juju and others, with exposure to millions of visitors every day.

2. You get a listing in jobbinghood’s worldwide employer directory to establish your Employer Brand through a Branded Company Profile by Creating a stunning company page including videos to showcase employee benefits, company values, history, existing talented team activities and more, in order to attract top talent.

3. and because of the following additional benefits:

You can post as many jobs as you like for a full year for a low one time payment of $99

You can create the same job ad in many cities

You can create many job ads in many cities

You can upload or record a video job ad in job videos section

You can insert your company video URL

You can upload a company video in job videos section

You can upload a job ad video in job videos section

Your add will show throughout our social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Your job ad will be Automatically Indexed for google and other search engines

Chat live 24/7 with candidates, recruiters and potential clients

Finally, Jobbinghood is offering Video production services for companies of all sizes at incredible prices. Companies may now order from us the production of animated/explanatory videos of the kind: “What is like to work at” or “Why you should join us” or “Life at” or “Our company”. At the same time we are offering press release services with “We are hiring” PRs or any other type of PR article you wish. These articles are published on our own Jobs online magazine and on other +195 premium news outlets. With these options employers now have a better audience reach with employer branding enhancements at amazing prices.

Post jobs without limits! Is the new motto..

post unlimited jobs

Posting jobs on jobbinghood is easy and affordable

Post a “We’re Hiring” article

Jobbinghood has also launched its: “Post a “We’re Hiring” article” tool. Stand out from the competition, get more attention from candidates. Publish an article on jobbinghood’s jobs magazine informing the world about your project, hiring needs, special circumstances, bonus offers, announcements, company growth. Improve your company branding by publishing a PR article for the world to see. Your article will be published on our Job’s online magazine SEO ready and will be indexed by Google and all other search engines. In the process your company’s web site will be getting automatic SEO and backlinks. An all-in-one creative content marketing tool.

Jobbinghood also has a Company branding section with an employer directory, a potent job search engine a section for job video ads and video resumes, company videos, and a jobs magazine for news, career advice and other job resources.

How to Get Started

Companies or individuals wanting to start posting jobs are invited to visit jobbinghood’s job posting site.

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