Free & Equal Employment Opportunity for all!

Jobbinghood is an american company and the world’s first free-for-all multimedia employment marketplace, where job seekers and employers have free and unlimited access to each other, through text, audio, video and chat communication.  Jobbinghood is the new, free and smartest employment marketplace.

We present you a re-engineered hiring process and a new business model fueled by Technology & User Empowerment.

We flipped the hiring process upside down.  We make talent information available to anyone for free to facilitate and equalize hiring opportunities for all, and we bring hiring costs down for employers.


Talent information Free for all to find

Talent information (AKA resumes) should not be the property of a few large corporations. In fact, it's the property of the candidate and nobody else's. We are opening up employment information to the world without restrictions. We don't sell resumes or talent data, instead we make it available to employers and recruiters for free to give people a greater chance to find work faster and cheaper.

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Companies can post unlimited jobs for free. All jobs posted on Jobbinghood will also appear on Google for Jobs, the universal jobs search engine. So there is no need to post your jobs anywhere else.