Every day's job fair day at Jobbinghood

Jobbinghood’s virtual job fair platform is easy, intuitive and free. No need to mark your calendar. No job seeker registration required, no need to schedule meetings with recruiters. Simply search for jobs or search for companies and begin speaking with recruiters right within the job listing or the company booth.


Permanent virtual job fair platform

A round-the-clock job fair to interview with recruiters via chat. Stop spending hours sending resumes out to no response.

Virtual walk-in interviews

You’ll have the opportunity to speak with the recruiter of each job listing, or with HR representatives and hiring managers to learn more about each company. Some candidates will even receive same-day offers.

Every day's job fair day at jobbinghood

Virtual walk-in interviews. Speak with recruiters via chat

The only round-the-clock virtual job fair in the world

No more searching for job fair dates near you

Save money and forget about organizing expensive one-time job fairs

Find and recruit candidates chatting in real-time, just like a conventional job fair.

Start using the latest tools in job seeking, employer branding and virtual hiring today. 

Want to partner with us?

We're looking for virtual recruiting service providers

If you are a staffing agency or an independent recruiter entrepreneur and would like to start providing virtual recruiting assistant staff to support thousands of companies worldwide, we'd like to talk to you. 

Virtual recruiting staff outsourcing

Start a business supplying virtual recruiters to manage virtual job fairs on jobbinghood.

If you are in the staffing business or would like to start your own staffing agency, this is a unique opportunity to boost your sales doing what you already do: Supply personnel to employers who need to outsource their virtual job fairs and virtual recruiting on Jobbinghood.

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