Hire Virtual Recruiters or Outsource the recruiting process

Hire one recruiter or a whole team of remote recruiters, to staff talent for projects of any size. Outsource your recruiting process offshore and save tons of money!

Recruitment process Outsourcing

You need RPO solutions that enhance quality and business performance at a lower cost. You can hire incredible offshore staff at an enormous discount. It's like having your own HR employees, without the legal, back-office and infrastructure issues.

Here's a short list of available services: IT and other fields Staffing recruiters, Permanent Staffing Recruiters, Bench Sales Recruiters, Resume Sourcing, Next-Day candidates delivery, Business Development Managers, Contract Staffing Recruiters, VMS Recruiters, Dedicated Recruiters, Staffing Teams, Full-project staffing.

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List of Services

Hire Offshore Recruiters

When you hire offshore recruiters from us, you always get the best virtual recruiters for staffing any job category, whether It's IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, or any other area. The offshore development center is a virtual extension of the client's onshore recruitment center.

IT Staffing

We can provide virtual offshore IT staffing recruiters. The job market for high-quality IT talent is extremely competitive these days, so you need to hire experienced and effective recruiters. You can immediately access an expert-level performance-based offshore virtual IT recruiter.

Overnight Sourcing

A dedicated resume sourcer who works alongside your internal team, finding resumes for assigned requisitions and sending them to your team by the next day.

Bench Sales Recruiters

With an expert knowledge and understanding of marketing your bench candidates and supporting you to get candidates placed as soon as a given project is completed.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing makes up almost three quarters of all staffing activities in the modern technological sector. Businesses want specialized professionals for temporary positions and individual project needs.

Hire VMS Recruiters

Our recruiters are experts working with various online Vendor Management Systems (VMS portals). No extra training required, they are ready to produce from day one. Some Vendor Management Tools that we work with are: Beeline, Artemis, SAP FieldGlass, Clarity, Peoplefluent, IQNavigator, DCR Workforce

Hire Business Development Managers

Boost your sales!. Hire our dedicated virtual offshore Business Development Managers. A BDM generates new leads, converting them into clients that generate revenues for your company. BDMs, or account managers have expertise in marketing, strategy, proposal management, and business planning.

Additional Benefits

Recruiters work in your time zone

You don't need to worry about time zone or geographical boundaries affecting the progress or implementation. We are an efficient outsource partner that works with the time zone you're in. When you hire a dedicated offshore recruiter, your hardware and office infrastructures are already in place.

We adapt to your hiring process

Add and remove hiring stages from your recruitment process, as per your job’s requirements. Every client jobs can have its own hiring workflow. We always work hard to understand the needs of each client. We provide a world-class facility with a good work environment staffed by a highly qualified and talented team with institute-proven processes and reporting structures.

Performance Reports

Get a monthly overview of recruiter calls. This will help track recruiter performance, and also understand call volume trend. A Recruiter health report will show you the total calls – answered, missed, abandoned, callbacks, sent to voicemail, etc.

Local Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers. You can hire a recruiter from us and still maintain a local presence. Set Custom messages/ greeting for phone numbers allocated. Custom messages that assure the caller that their call will be answer soon. Use this opportunity to customize hold, queue, or wait time music to showcase new services, or announcements.

Candidate's Reports

Everything you need to know about a candidate - resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback and notes - in one place.

Design phone calls flow

A call queue is nothing but a setup to line up your incoming calls so that the next-available recruiter can answer them. (let’s say, your recruitment support team) will be associated with a call queue. let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with your recruiting support team.

Live Chat

Virtual recruiters will chat live with candidates on jobbinghood.com. The only job portal where candidates can talk with recruiters via chat within each job listing!. All jobs posted on Jobbinghood will automatically appear on Google for jobs. There is no need to publish jobs anywhere else.

Video interviews

Our recruiters can evaluate all potential candidates using Skype & Googlehangouts, or Jobbinghood video. We will organize and schedule your sessions so that you can Evaluate better before the final interview.

Contact us

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