Are You a Great Boss?


Being a boss is not an easy job. You not only have a responsibility with your company and superiors (if any), but with a team of people counting on you and your guidance. On the flip side, you have earned it. But you know what to do. Things are moving as expected in your business, but could they not be moving even better?

A good leader understands that a team is built of individuals. Each different in character, in backgrounds. With different abilities and responsibilities, with different experience levels and needs. What functions with one person, may very well not work productively in another. Know your team.

A great boss delivers the message, makes sure the purpose is clear to all, that each team member does what they have to do, and allows their personalities to be shown and be productive in their work. The team listens and takes advice from the boss, and if the advice is not taken into consideration for purposes of the goal, the leader has to find a way to get across on to why that is and in a productive manner. 

The more they trust your instincts and your decision making, the more likely your team will know what to do in the future. So be assertive, clear and direct in the communication with your team

Lastly, the most important feature of a great boss is the feedback!

Give it constantly. Let your team know you like or do not like the direction they’re heading. This has a lot to do with the clear and direct communication with your workers. In order for them to trust you, and for you to trust them, you have to let them know whether they are doing their job correctly, and how they can improve it.

If you manage to do this, in combination with knowing your team and being clear describing the goals to achieve, you’re on the path of success.  

Remember that there is always room for growth, from you and from others. And you have definitely improved as a boss, just now. 

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