The Best Way to Advertise a Job

The best way to advertise a job – Content advertising- a more effective way to advertise jobs

The stakes of hiring a new employee in the organization are always high because the new candidate can significantly impact the company’s culture, image, and performance. Finding the right candidate for a new job through advertising is a challenging task. It is getting more difficult with leaner budgets and leaner teams with no change in the management’s expectations.

Common hiring methods employers leverage today

There are myriad job boards to help recruiters advertise the job position. Free and paid job boards like Indeed, Monster AngelList, Craigslist, and CareerBuilder are a few popular online job boards to attract talent for the position.

Online job boards offer broad accessibility by reaching millions of candidates. Organizations can also create targeted advertisements by fine-tuning the description and using specific keywords to reach candidates, having the skills and qualifications.

Social media, with over three billion users across the globe, is a great resource hunt and recruit candidates. LinkedIn is a popular social media portal for posting open job positions. Your website is also a great place to advertise the current openings in your organization. It will attract job seekers who are already interested in your company.

Then there are industry portals, niche job boards, social media user groups, and colleges and universities to consider for advertising a new job. Hiring the right employee continues to be a challenge despite so many options.    

Constraints of advertising new jobs 

The biggest roadblock while advertising a new job is to engage the candidate’s attention. Too much noise is a natural outcome if hundreds of other recruiters are also pitching for the same candidates. Another issue is the shortage of the right talent resulting from the demand-supply problem.

Although employers can post jobs on major sites like Indeed for free, the chances of such job postings being found are quite slim, because of the thousands of competing job listings resulting from any given search query. In order to get a better position in search queries, employers have to pay a premium to get listed ahead of the competition. Even then, getting your job ad noticed is still a challenge.

The workforce is perpetually evolving because of emerging technologies and the development of new job positions. There is a need to explore more effective avenues to grab the attention of the right talent while advertising for the new post. One must put in extraordinary efforts to achieve exceptional results, as an oft-repeated cliché goes.

Capturing the attention of the top candidates

Recruiters often face the problem of attracting the right fit, forcing them to settle for the best person. Several passive candidates are not actively searching for a better chance.

The good news is that there is a new and result-oriented approach to engaging and motivating the ideal candidates to notice your job advertisement.

Content advertising- an innovative way to advertise jobs

Content advertising is a newer and very effective form of advertising where content is produced and promoted through paid distribution channels. For example, an article explaining how to solve a particular problem will capture only an audience that is 100% interested in your message.

If you want to capture the right audience for your job openings or the right candidates for your company culture, publishing an article or video in a highly specialized jobs media outlet like Jobbinghood, will attract exactly the audience you are looking for.

Content advertising helps promote high-quality content through paid advertising channels to capture the target audience’s attention. It spans all content formats that can boost your job advertising efforts. You can create webinars, white papers, and any other type of content that users may find helpful. It is a non-disruptive way to capture the right audiences by providing them with the benefits.   

Sites to advertise jobs with content

Since job posting by leveraging content advertising is a relatively new concept, there are hardly any sites to advertise jobs with content. Presently, recruiters leverage press releases to use the content for advertising jobs. Unfortunately, press releases cannot grab the attention of the right audience.

There is one unique site that is filling this void by allowing the use of content advertising for recruitment marketing. is the pioneering site to help you experience the power of content advertising to capture the right talent for your next job advertisement. See pricing page

The site allows employers to post company videos and job videos that can instantly engage the right employees you are looking for. Jobbinghood is a novel concept in the domain of job search and recruitment. It enables candidates and employers to connect in real-time through multiple communication channels, like audio, video, audio, and text.

If you are looking to attract Spanish speaking or bilingual candidates, you might want to check out

The takeaway

A well-designed content advertising initiative with quality content can engage prospective candidates. It will enhance your company’s credibility as a trusted employer. You may include video testimonials of your employees and short clips of company events to enhance the candidates’ interest in your organization.

Content advertising is vital to recruitment marketing as it establishes a strong connect with the right candidate. It helps you stand out as a responsible employer in a highly competitive environment. Jobbinghood is a unique multimedia job portal to enhance the effectiveness of your job advertising.

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