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The employment startup lets you find jobs talking directly to recruiters

The new multimedia job marketplace works more like an Amazon marketplace than a traditional job site

Everyone dreams of a great job that matches their credentials and skills to boost their career graph. Job seekers spend a lot of effort gaining the right skills and work experience to land a dream job by beating the stiff competition.

However, getting an interview call can be challenging, as most applications receive no response from employers. In fact, research shows that 97% of job applicants never get called for an interview. It is frustrating to notice that most job seekers with the right talent struggle to get a job despite the availability of uncountable online recruiting services.   

Common concerns of job seekers 

Bright students immediately start seeking a suitable job after getting out of college, while talented professionals are constantly looking for better job positions to climb the career ladder. Job seekers aspire to get a better package and position by searching for new jobs.

 Irrespective of the objectives, most job seekers face similar challenges while shopping for jobs. We list some of the common problems job seekers continue to battle despite their skills and talents:

  • Silence from the employers– A reliable survey reports that a whopping 97 percent of job applications elicit no response from the recruiter. There may be several reasons for this disturbing trend, but it results in frustration and disappointment.
  • Lack of human involvement– Most companies employ software systems to sort applications. These systems leverage specific keywords to select applications. It results in over 80 percent of applications failing to draw human attention.  
  • Ruthless tracking systems– Nearly 98 percent of large companies, including most Fortune 500 organizations, use Application Tracking Systems that exclude most applications because they cannot match the hiring priorities. These applications never get noticed by the company hiring managers.
  • Recruitment through referrals– Several companies fill close to 30 percent of positions through referrals, affecting the scope for getting the job through conventional methods.
  • Selling candidates’ data– It is a common practice for job portals and recruiting agencies to collect candidates’ data which is given for free by job seekers and sell it to a few employers who can pay for the service. This reduces the probability of a candidate’s selection drastically. changing the paradigm of job search

Computer scientist Miguel Salcedo, founder and CEO of developed the world’s first multimedia employment platform with a mission: to enable every person on the planet to have equal opportunity to get hired.

The new system brings back the natural and intuitive way people used to search for jobs before the Internet, which is by knocking on doors and asking directly for a job. Except this time people will have all doors available to knock on in one place.

Job seekers and recruiters from all over the world can now meet and communicate directly through video, audio, chat, or text to explore employment possibilities without having to request permission to connect with each other. The new multimedia job marketplace works more like an Amazon marketplace than a traditional job site. On jobbinghood, candidates search for jobs like searching for products on amazon with the added benefit that on jobbinghood, you can actually talk to the “seller” (meaning the employer) which is something you can’t do even on Amazon, much less on other job sites.

The irony of job seekers’ struggles to find a job despite exceptionally high demand for workers, needed an innovative solution. The idea behind is to transform the job search process by leveling the playing field for all job seekers. is the outcome of painstaking research backed by a vast knowledge of software development, business process re-engineering, and systems design. The final product is the blend of a pioneering idea, an entirely new philosophy, and an intuitive software solution.

The unique hiring portal reinvents the legacy job search method involving a direct approach to visiting individual employers to ask for a job. is a new avatar of the conventional job searching technique, enabling the job seeker to approach all employers in one place.

The world’s smartest employment marketplace is the world’s first and the smartest multimedia hiring portal, empowering every job seeker with free and equal access to job opportunities. Employers and job seekers are free to interact with each other through text, audio, video, and chat facilities for a meaningful dialogue.

Job seekers – talk to recruiters before you apply

The innovative employment marketplace eliminates the need to apply and wait for the interview call, as job seekers can directly talk with recruiters by searching for jobs on the platform.

You have the freedom to search for companies, know about their profile, and open a dialogue with their recruiter to introduce yourself as a candidate.

You will have a unique resume web page facility to enhance your profile’s online visibility. Get your resume across leading search engines, including Google. Recruiters can view your resume for free as is not into selling your resume.

Employers- approach candidates in real-time allows employers to communicate with job seekers in real-time via chat, text, video, or audio. The novel concept of the Employer Front Desk helps employers create their exclusive front desk. It serves as a place to meet your future employees, chat with them, hire them for free and promote your employer brand.

Recruiters are free to post unlimited jobs and chat with candidates by assigning their virtual recruiter. They can also hire one virtual recruiter from Jobbinghood for round-the-clock service. Forget about the hassles of posting job ads on multiple platforms, as the ads you post on appear on Google jobs automatically.

Employers can use the multimedia employment marketplace to upload video job ads or write job-related blogs. They can leverage the platform to enhance their brand image. offers multiple options for premium advertising, such as Company video production, Content advertising, and Press releases.

In conclusion is the go-to employment marketplace for job seekers to interview first and apply later, eliminating the need to wait for a call back from employers. Employers and job seekers can leverage state-of-the-art multimedia facilities to interact through video, audio, chat, or text. The revolutionizing portal has an array of features for recruiters and job seekers. Jobbinghood is on its way to become the quintessential space for finding work and hiring personnel worldwide.

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