The best Staffing agencies for the new way of work


Looking for new ways to find personnel? Find The best Staffing agencies.

The best Staffing agencies are willing to change and innovate.

Here’s What’s New in the staffing services industry

Companies looking to fill positions often turn to staffing or employment agencies to find the right candidates for them. Recruiting is a time consuming task and the service can be costly where 100% commission fees are not rare.

Some of the most time consuming tasks in the recruitment process are job posting, answering interested job seekers’ questions, reviewing resumes, screening and pre-selecting candidates. Many companies don’t have the time or resources to perform these tasks efficiently so they look for employment agencies or independent recruiters to outsource this work for them. On top of all that, new challenges are being faced by employers: A new way of working, Remote work, a more competent internet savvy labor force and a candidate driven labor market who wishes to search and choose his job opportunities based on the new post Covid-19 work values.

There are many well know staffing or employment agencies big and small, national or local, category specialized or not, but the majority follow the traditional staffing model including the procedures and the pricing model. With a tight labor market and with companies wanting to stretch their budgets and be more efficient, new ways to hire personnel at lower costs are needed to meet the challenges already here. It’s time for a change and the best Staffing agencies are those who will be able to adapt and innovate.

According to The BCG Henderson Institute: “A wave of change is coming that will soon make the way we work almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders. To succeed, they will need to discover new ways of organizing, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to recruiting, developing, and engaging employees. All this in organizations with limitless data, open boundaries, employees and machines working side by side, and rapidly evolving employee value propositions”.

To respond to the challenges described, Jobbinghood has launched its own Staffing Services Agency with an innovative approach consisting of an online live chat recruiting service based on our own job network platform. We’ll do the heavy lifting of the recruiting process for employers of all sizes. We attract, respond questions, screen, collect resumes and pre-select candidates for available positions 24/7 with our own live online recruiters. The good part and what set us apart, is that we don’t charge commissions to employers, but rather a small job listing fee where all services are included.

Job seekers demand easy and friendly job search tools. They want to talk with recruiters and employers. They want to watch employer brand videos, company work life videos, they want to screen their potential employers. So, We offer job seekers: free resume pages, free live chat with recruiters, free application and screening and free placement. We also offer a video jobs section and a Job news magazine to complement our services.

Jobbinghood is a company founded and run by retired software developers who wish to re design and re engineer the hiring process to make it easier and more just for all.

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