Veneportal: How to advertise to the Hispanic market in the US


The door to the Hispanic market is here. A Spanish language business directory, news site and self service Adsplatform.

If you want to spread the word about your business to the Hispanic audience in the United States and around the world, improve your web site’s SEO and reach new customers at the lowest price possible, you must take a look at, the coolest Spanish language business directory and news site designed with the advertiser in mind to make it easy and affordable to advertise your business, service or brand with both content and self service ads.

The most important and least expensive digital marketing channel is Organic Search. Veneportal will help your company reach this goal.

Organic searches are the search engine results presented to the user in a natural way after “Googling” a phrase, term or keyword and are not influenced by commercial paid advertising. So the best way to leverage organic search is to create content that you expect your target market to research. To create content you must create web pages and product descriptions that respond to the expected searches of your potential clients. The first step to creating your content is obviously through your own web site. However, having a web site is not enough as there are millions of businesses like yours competing for the same search terms. So search engines have designed AI algorithms to rank results based on the relevance of a web page to the researched term. One of the most important factors taken into account to calculate such relevance is to determine how “popular” your web site is. This popularity is calculated among other factors through Back Links (URL references) and mentions, pretty much like the way Books are ranked which is by means of how many times its title and author have been “Cited” by other authors or media. So how do you get “Cited”?: The only way possible: You must get other people or web sites to mention your product, brand or web site and Veneportal will help your company reach this goal all in one place.

Veneportal, has a Spanish language business directory where listed companies automatically get Back Links and mentions. This is not your traditional business directory though. Unlike common online “yellow pages”, Veneportal has multimedia capabilities and provides registered businesses with a live 24/7 chat tool unique to each company, so they can now have an additional sales and support channel for potential clients. also has a news site in Spanish with self service Ads and self service Press releases for promoting your brand or product with news media content, again giving companies more ‘Cites” “Mentions”, and Back Links”. Your ads will appear randomly throughout our News, articles and business directory listings. The site can be seen in Spanish or English by switching a language button.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in traditional advertising campaigns, Veneportal offers small and big businesses the option to promote their brand at little cost on a do-it-yourself platform. Promote your brand and improve your website SEO all at the same time with very a little investment, is the philosophy behind this service.

If you are launching a new product or service, have a new venture, a unique development to inform your audience, or just need to promote your product or brand in the form of news, Veneportal is the right channel for you. You can upload your article in English and we will translate it into Spanish if you wish.

Last but not least, now offers an affiliate program. Individuals, businesses, bloggers and advertising agencies are welcome to participate and earn money by promoting our products to your audience. Check out this program at

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