Free virtual Assistants for Recruiters


ORLANDO, April 17, 2020 —, the world’s first multimedia job network, is offering FREE VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS to recruiters from Staffing companies, Freelancers and Corporations to support urgent hiring in response to COVID-19. Jobs in healthcare and other essential services are specially welcomed.

“Offering  free virtual recruiter assistants is our way of getting involved and be part of the solution to this unexpected event”  notes jobbinghood’s CEO Miguel Salcedo. has a job search engine, a social networking platform for job networking (50% of jobs are found this way), referrals, live online chat, job video ads and job video resumes, company videos, an online job magazine for news, articles and job resources, and even a section for finding side gigs. Employers and candidates can engage in online chats and interviews without any limitations.

How does this offer work?

Jobbinghood will share its online customer support personnel to assist staffing companies and Freelance recruiters with some routine tasks such as Job Data Entry , uploading job listings, uploading video job ads, uploading company videos, receiving and forwarding resumes, and giving online chat support for their jobs. If companies need more support than what’s included above contact us to discuss available options.

Is there a catch?.

There is no catch to this offering, however there is a limit to the amount of companies we can support. At this point we can only support a handful of companies or freelancers, so if you would like to participate please make your request as soon as possible.

Getting Started

Staffing companies and Freelance recruiters can start by sending their Job listings to: . Include at least the following: Job Title, Job Description, Location and your Contact Email. Optionally your can include: Salary, Type of job (full, part time, etc), Phone contact, Application URL, special messages or instructions to give potential candidates, Company Video, Video job ad or Audio Job ad.

If you need help making a video job ad or a company video, we can help you through our very affordable animated video production service. You may contact us for more information

If you prefer to manage the whole process by yourself you are welcome to do so by signing up to our website and follow the instructions to create new jobs, videos, network, online chat and more.

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