Employers: How to attract the New Generation of Employees


Things are different now. The workforce and its old ways are gone. It’s been a long time coming and now the global pandemic has forced change in the ways companies will operate from now on.

What seemed like a crazy idea a few years ago, in reference to the day-to-day operations of most companies, has now been proven to function succesfully: working from home, in flexible schedules, in the most productive times of the day, team debate and communicative decision making has become the new status quo for a lot of companies around the world.

Hiring in the future might require taking all of this in to consideration in order to stay competitive with other employers for top talent. Conditions will most likely have to accommodate the new generation of employees who are now comfortable and confident the job can be done at a distance.

Salaries, benefits and hiring processes will likely need to be reformed as well as to recruiting incentives with different options to accommodate different needs. One way to do it might not be viable anymore.

Of course, to adapt as an employer to all conditions will depend on the industry and the size. The bigger companies will have a harder time trying to implement these tactics and will likely have to resort to other ways within their ongoing operational channels to maintain the attractiveness of their offers and be able to compete with smaller companies with more flexible opportunities

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