What to do with our time?


In this difficult time we are currently living, we know that going out is not the safest option. We deeply thank the people performing essential tasks that allow the rest of us to quarantine properly and specially thank all the healthcare personnel actively taking care of the first hand victims of this hardship. Every day that goes on leaves the vast majority of Americans with a great feeling of uncertainty. We know this situation will eventually come to an end – so, in the meantime, how can we make the most of the time in our hands?

For the people working from home with only a minor adjustment, keep up the good work! We hope to shortly be able to emulate this in as many areas as possible. Not only will it help financially, but this new form of productivity could be just what you need. Who knows? Maybe there’s something out here like this for a lot of us.

For those who prior to this situation were also actively seeking better employment opportunities – why stop? We know that finding the job of your dreams is a job by itself (of course, Jobbinghood.com’s whole purpose is to decrease the amount of effort that takes to achieve this). These are the times to seize the day and make it have worth.

For employers, if possible (we understand not everyone can afford this luxury), why not start planning for when this dire situation is over? Anything you can get done in advance could really mean a difference in the future. Please remember that due to this crisis, unaccountable individuals have been left without employment. We can take this terrible situation on our hands and make it as positive as possible and perhaps help them plan ahead as well.

Jobbinghood.com intends to improve people’s situation by offering our aid: our services are being offered for FREE for recruiters and employers (it’s always free for jobseekers). We are not asking for any type of card information or putting any restriction in our offered services. Our tools are designed to connect and communicate the parties involved in the employment process with various types of ways to apply, direct communication channels and ways to better showcase your talents and or values, all of this without having to leave your home. Also, we have an open entry article magazine that could be the instrument to channel all those helpful tips that others might need to succeed in the near future.

We encourage people to stay at home as much as possible and above everything else, to stay safe.

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