Software Developer / Controls Engineer

  • Jobbing Staffing
  • January 24, 2023 11:47 am
  • Allentown, PA, USA

Position: Software Developer

Location: Dallas, Tx 75001

Duration: 6 Months

Pay Rate: $71/Hr.

Shift: 10hr

Job Summary:

Contract Developer (.NET and Industrial Controls) position must have experience in industrial automation, PLCs, and the Visual Studio .NET environment. The primary area of focus is updating, troubleshooting, and maintaining internal systems in the US defense sector.

Job description:

Troubleshoot, debug, and update VB .NET applications running on Windows 10.

Write and troubleshoot SQL queries.

Interface with industrial hardware like barcode scanners, PLCs, motors, vision cameras, and integrated machines.

Troubleshoot Windows issues and networking issues.

Perform independent troubleshooting on-site at manufacturing environments.

Work in a small team to propose new solutions that meet customer requirements.

Develop and deploy solutions in manufacturing environments.

Ensure that solutions are reliable and effective for 24/7 operation.

Work with non-classified, but sensitive defense-related information.

Daily and weekly reporting to the Engineering lead on activities and project status.

Strong Project Management skills with the ability to prioritize tasks.

Additional responsibilities as needed based on project needs.

Required Competencies:

Strong communications skills, promoting open and honest dialogues.

Strong commitment to continuous improvement principles.

Consistent ability to work and sustain attention with distractions and/or interruptions.

Ability to interact appropriately with a variety of individuals including customers/clients.

Ability to deal with people under adverse circumstances.

Ability to work as an integral part of a team.

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science.

10 years of experience with .NET software development.

10 years of experience in customer-facing technical roles.

  • Category : Information Technology & Telecom
  • Salary : $1.00
  • Company Name : Vezita Tech Inc


Allentown, PA, USA

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