3 Ways To Create the Ideal Workspace for Your Home-Based Business


By Adam Evans.

3 Ways To Create the Ideal Workspace for Your Home Based Business.

Data show that about half of the small businesses in the United States are home-based. These organizations are in all different stages of development, from posting job openings on Jobbinghood and hiring their first employees to having established roles in their communities. Regardless of how long you have been in operation, you need an appropriate workspace. If your home does not have an ideal area for your business, there are three ways you can go about attaining one.

1. Relocating

If you decide to move to a home more suitable for your business, there are a variety of things to keep in mind. The location is one of the most important. Your business will likely need reliable internet service. As well, if you will have clients or other business visitors, the location should be convenient and easy to find. Make sure it is searchable via GPS. Consider the zoning and taxation laws as well. This information may be available online. If not, call the city hall or county government office.

When viewing potential homes, make sure there is enough space for both living and working. The work area should be separate to prevent interruptions. If you anticipate business visitors, there should be a separate entrance so that clients do not have to walk through the residential areas of the home.

If you are moving, you may need to secure a mortgage. A loan provider such as PennyMac.com can help with this process, offering a variety of loan types, including FHA loans, along with educational information helpful to all home buyers. This is especially useful for first-time buyers and those who have been out of the market for many years.

2. Renovating

If you choose to stay in your home but need to do some renovating, be sure to plan carefully. Determine if you will be constructing an addition or making modifications to an existing area, such as an unfinished basement. Make sure to get all necessary permits before beginning work. Hire a reputable contractor to make sure all the building plans are sound and choose quality materials that will last.

When hiring a contractor, read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Request referrals from the contractor, and ask about past projects and view samples. Verify licensing and insurance coverage, including information about all subcontractors who will be assisting.

3. Redesigning

If your home already has a space for running a business, it may need a bit of a redesign before it is completely ready. A professional appearance is important for home businesses that are serving clients or hiring employees. If you are working alone, however, the space can be more relaxed.

Desks, shelves and tables should provide sufficient workspace and organization areas. Chairs should be comfortable and supportive. Install adequate lighting to reduce eyestrain. Decorating with inspirational wall art helps many entrepreneurs stay motivated.

Before you begin working in your home office, speak with a tax professional to determine which expenses will be deductible on your income tax return. This information allows you to budget more efficiently.

A good workspace is imperative for a successful business. If you are operating out of your residence, there are several ways to create a work area that meets your needs. Be sure to do all the necessary research to ensure you are making the right decisions for your home and company.

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