Get back on track and be more productive!


By Maria Hernandez. Get back on track and be more productive!

Most people are constantly out of focus, struggling again with the goal of being productive, and they find it frustrating not knowing how to get out of the cycle of procrastination—for that reason, in this article I will share ideas that will help you get back to that rhythm that you have lost and that in this way you can be more productive.

First of all, you have to know that this happens to everyone in the creative processes, or when they set themselves to meet short, medium or long term goals, remember that being dispersed and out of focus is part of the creative process because you have to be lost to find yourself again.

Out of the routine

One of the influencing factors is when you are used to having a routine, and that when something happens that is not within that routine, not only does your time gets out of control, but you finish or leave everything halfway or you just don’t start what you set out to do because you keep thinking about all the things you have yet to do. This can leave you with guilt and excuse-laden thoughts, which end up stopping your workflow.

Schedule ahead

Although programming is not a habit for everyone, you can always find a way to make different structures that allow you to do everything you need to. Program yourself with an agenda either virtual or manual that gives you a step by step, with included stopwatch.

5 steps to get back on track

In order to get back into the rhythm and not get paralyzed, it is related to what you want to achieve but not to the circumstances that “tell” you whether or not you can achieve it. Taking this into account, I share 5 steps that will help you a lot to get back focused on achieving your goals.

1. Identify what is holding you back. In order for you to achieve successful programming, you must start by identifying what are the distractions that are sabotaging your organization, almost always social media is the negative factor that comes into play because it is more what we consume from them than what we work in it for to the growth of others, if your project needs you to have a presence on social networks, nothing happens as long as you work on them for a set time and do not spend half the day consuming content that does not add up to anything and that in the end is that distraction you’re avoiding.

2. Start changes in small steps. Although you are going to resume something that you started sometime in your life, when you leave it to resume it again it is the same as if to start from scratch, therefore, my recommendation is not to want to return to 100%, the step by step helps you to recover in small steps until giving the big ones again.

3. Redesign your schedule. As I mentioned before, keeping an agenda helps you to have a north, regardless of whether you are a structured person or not. You can design an agenda that includes different topics each day but that you are focused on what you want to achieve that week. And if you are structured it is the same but with the same routine day after day, any of the tools is functional as long as you put it into practice.

4. Work in a team. If you feel like you need to support yourself and commit to someone else, go for it. It’s like when you go to a gym with a friend only because you know that if you wake up without wanting to train, that friend will call you to go together. The team commitment will allow you to feel less tempted when you want to throw in the towel or get off the boat.

5. Do not predispose. Visualize your dream and make it yours, what you imagine to see as fact and do not predispose yourself to what arises along the way, flow with reality and continue working for it. Do not set impossible goals, believe that you can make it real as long as you work on it, that success will achieve you by working happily with what you have in the now, remember that the brain works in an associative way, therefore, start writing what you want to achieve and do not predispose yourself to what happens.

 Every time you want to stop, do it but do not take more than two consecutive days; reflect and remember that if you only occupy your time because you want to feel busy, it isn’t helping you to grow. That is why I invite you to self-analyze what you can do better today so you can organize your time and make the most of it.


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