How to Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely

By Ted James. The average tax refund in the United States totals about $3,000. That's a good chunk of change, so it's no wonder that Americans are eager to take advantage of this financial boost. While many people spend their refunds

Creating the conditions for business success

It is true that the topic of being your own boss brings with it a myriad of benefits, such as financial and personal improvement, but usually, when this information is shared, it is accompanied by quite generalized advice or quite

The step by step to stop procrastinating

“Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible.” – George Claude Lorimer. While it is true that procrastination can be approached in a positive way, the truth is that, in general,

Questions to ask in a job interview

Ask these questions during your job Interview Any time you have a job interview you might feel nervous. It’s a natural feeling considering it's that position you’ve always wanted. Nerves are also a good sign that you want to do good in

Stand Out in Your Interview

When it comes to what ultimately lands a specific person a job, there’s no one right answer. More often than not, the decision is based on potential rather than the present aptitudes shown by some candidates. The ability to continue