3 SEO tips for jobseekers


Tips to be found on the web.

You have heard the term SEO (search engine optimization). SEO are a set of techniques used by companies to rank their websites higher in search engine result pages. It is time jobseekers begin using SEO techniques to improve their chances of being found on the web.

When looking for talent, employers use different ways to find and research candidates for their available positions. Part of this includes web searches and social media profile searches. To be found by employers you have to be as visible on the web as possible. Like any company or product on the web, jobseekers need to market themselves and make sure they will show on search engine searches. To do so, we’d like to give you some tips to improve your search engine rankings:

Create profiles in Multiple Web Outlets

To improve your SEO you should have as many ways to be found as possible. This include social media profiles, resume website, personal website and other methods with your information to allow employers to find you with ease and gather all required information as simple as possible. There are many sites where you can create or upload your employee profile, for example LinkedIn is the best known. Jobbinghood.com also offers you a free Resume Website that comes SEO optimized to help you be found easier and faster.

Keep your resume page up to date

Be sure to keep your professional C.V pages or resumes updated with information that is pertinent to your career and aspirations. Make sure to include related keywords to boost and improve your visibility. Be consistent across them all and be aware of the use each platform can do for your career.

Take Advantage of Your Social Media Platform

Your social profiles should have a profile name that includes your own to be found with ease by employers. Remember , this is a perfect opportunity to show a more personal side of you that can be proof of your good character. This includes hobbies, sense of humor, charitable causes and books you might be in to.

To learn how companies use SEO to improve their chances of ranking higher in search engines, we recommend this good article that talks about this topic, which was originally published in Spanish on veneportal.

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