Side Gig Ideas For Single Parents Who Need To Earn Extra Cash


By Eric Kelly.

Being a single parent can be a challenge in many aspects, but it’s especially difficult when money is tight. Making hard choices often leads to stress, feelings of guilt or shame, and less time to spend with your kids. The good news is, there are several side gigs available these days that make earning extra money super easy, even when you’re a single mom or dad who doesn’t have much time. From freelance jobs that can be done at home to starting a part-time business, there are plenty of options. Start by heading to Jobbinghood, where you can search thousands of the latest job postings and even get career advice. Then, think about how you can translate your skills into cash.

Get creative

If you love being creative and have experience with a particular artistic skill from school or a previous job, consider looking for ways you can monetize it. Graphic design is a perfect example and is always in high demand as many businesses and organizations have a need for logos and other branding opportunities. Utilize online job boards to advertise your logo design services so that companies know how to find you, and build up an online portfolio where they can check out your work. Consider taking a class or doing research online to find out how to brush up on your skills as graphic design trends change often.

Become a freelancer

Creativity expands beyond making art. These days, many companies are offering remote work for freelancers rather than relying solely on a full-time, in-house staff because it saves them money in the long run. Some companies have a few requirements for coming in as a contractor, while others don’t require experience but do ask you to show them your skills with work samples or by taking an online test. Freelance jobs vary from writing content for newsletters and magazines to technical writing (which often involves creating instructions for software or products and can be extremely lucrative). Do the research to find out where your skills would be most successful, and start your job search at Jobbinghood.

Check out money-making apps

If you don’t think you have the time to commit to being a freelancer, there are plenty of other options. There are more opportunities than ever these days for making money by utilizing technology, and many of them involve things you already own. You can download selling apps like Poshmark or Mercari to get rid of clothing, accessories, shoes, and home decor that you no longer need; some people curate their closets and sell them as their full-time jobs. You can also look for ways to earn money with various apps by renting out property, offering errands or other services, or joining a local pet-care service to help pet owners with their animals while they’re away from home. Some of these services may have new regulations or rules during the pandemic, so it’s important to check their websites carefully for updates.

Start a business

Tired of taking cues from someone else? Consider starting your own business from home and make up the rules as you go along. You might set up an Etsy shop for your handmade jewelry, offer consulting or accounting services, or become an online tutor to local students. The beauty of starting your own business is that it allows you to create your own schedule so you can remain as flexible as you need to be in order to take care of your family. Look for support as you get started by finding other local entrepreneurs to network with, and set up social media pages so you can make connections.

Working as a single parent is never easy, but technology has made it easier than ever to forge your own path. Think about where your strengths lie and how you can turn them into either a part-time gig or an entirely new career.

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