School Nurse

  • Jobbing Staffing
  • September 9, 2022 12:24 pm
  • Houston, TX, USA

Job Summary:

The School Nurse will treat students for medical issues, help prevent physical issues and disease, and coordinate routine health assessments.


  • Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Minimum experience requirement – 12 months
  • The ability to implement emergency care including the ability to independently respond to an emergency, perform CPR, administer emergency medications, and other lifesaving measures within standard practice guidelines
  • The ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms, both internally and externally
  • The ability to lift and carry up to 20 pounds, stoop, kneel, crouch, walk, drive and/or be mobile
  • Valid Texas driver’s license with applicable insurance coverage

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • None.


  • Responsible for implementation of health programs, health counseling with students, parents, and staff, provision of preventive health services, augmentation of health education programs, and liaison with the school community
  • Develops, implements, and monitors health care plans and emergency plans for designated students
  • Participates in program planning to meet the needs of students with special health care needs
  • Utilizes case management and the nursing process to manage the health care of students with chronic illness
  • Provides direct health care, emergency first aid care, medication administration, and related health services according to state laws and HISD policies and procedures
  • Provides preventive health care by: assessing the safety needs of students, conducting state mandated screening programs, including referral and follow-up; recognizing, reporting, and using control measures for communicable diseases; and monitoring and providing follow-up on immunization compliance
  • Provides students and families with health and medical resources and assists families with access to medical care
  • Conducts age-appropriate health programs and activities in collaboration with school staff
  • Counsels students and families on health conditions
  • Collaborates with community agencies and campus staff to implement a comprehensive school health program and the development of campus health program goals
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned
  • Category : Medical & Healthcare
  • Salary : $1.00
  • Company Name : Texas Nursing Services


Houston, TX, USA

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